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BPP University of Professional Studies is one of the UK’s leading private Universities

dedicated to business and the professions. BPP University is a UK degree awarding body

providing its own awards through four schools: BPP Law School, BPP Business School,

BPP School of Health and BPP School of Foundation and English Language Studies.

Why choose BPP University?

We’re here to help you achieve the qualifications and experience you need to pursue

your career. So to do that, we focus on three key areas to make your time as a BPP

University student as rewarding and fulfilling as it can be.


Our number one priority and a word you’ll hear a lot at BPP University. By creating

a learning environment that matches the culture and expectations of the modern

workplace, we’ll prepare you for the world of work by giving you the skills and

experience that will make you an asset to your new employer from day one. Our

programmes are taught by professionals, many of whom are active in their fields, so

you can be sure your learning will be up-to-date and relevant for today’s professional



At BPP University, we offer a number of ways to reduce the cost of your studies,

including bursaries and scholarships. To learn more about our scholarships, email


We also provide flexible learning opportunities such as accelerated Degrees over two

years to reduce the time and money you need to invest and get you in to work as soon

as possible.


We build flexibility into our learning programmes from the beginning, to help you

develop the skills so valued by employers.

Whichever programme and study centre you choose, we provide online and e-learning

technology to give you access to study materials and resources online all day, every day.

This means that as well as attending any scheduled face-to-face classroom sessions, you

may be able to log in to live ‘webcast’ lectures and lessons and catch up with recorded

lessons on your PC, phone or tablet. We also offer well-equipped technology suites and a

comprehensive range of online study tools so you can access our extensive library of e- books and other educational resources either from home or at one of our study centres

• In 2012, 96% of our graduates were in employment or further study within six


*Source: BPP University’s Leavers Survey

• 30 leading law firms send their trainees exclusively to BPP Law School because

our programmes deliver what today’s law firms need

• We have an award-winning Pro Bono Centre offering opportunities to all law